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Atlas de spot de kite fait par des kitesurfeurs pour les kitesurfeurs
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New Zealand

Qualité comme destination

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Spots (4)
Qualité Expérience Type Facilités
Eastbourne - / -
Tout le monde Plage
Lyall Bay - / -
Experts Plage
Petone - / -
Tout le monde
Seatoun - / -


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De Anonymous , 29-08-2010

WARNING - There is a Brazillian guy that is now in Wellington looking for work. He was given an opportunity on a yacht in Fiji, MY Aquarius and to cut a long story short after a few weeks on the boat, he was escorted out of the country and sent back to NZ.

It has now become known, that he trolls bars in the early hours to pick up young girls. If they are drunk enough, he takes them home - it not, he drugs them with Rohypnol. This info has been forwarded to the department of immigration, and they intend to do an investigation.

His name is Pedro Bueno and he is known to be in Wellington. We know the Wellington Boat Show was today but please forward this information to as many people as you can.
If it prevents him from finding work, or protects any young ladies, we have played our part.

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